Our Solution

Our years of experience in the field of lead acid battery reconditioning suggest that in order to recover the lost potentials of any failed lead acid battery one needs access to a battery power recovery technology that is reliable, efficient and effective. We have accomplished this by developing a technology that is grounded in the science of electro-chemistry.  

From a chemical point of view we have developed a solution that recovers the lost potentials of any lead acid battery due to sulfation buildup. This chemical reaction can be understood in two parts.  The first part of our chemical process is to dismantle the hard lead sulfate crystals (PbSO4 or sulfation buildup) as the battery gets re-polarize (charged). The second part of our chemical process is to allow re-assembly of the lead sulfate particle in a molecular structure that will not harden again. This occurs during discharging of the battery as it is under a load or discharge.

We also use electricity to accompany our chemical process of desulfation. Our special battery conditioners are built to help dismantle the hard lead sulfates.  All our special battery conditioners are made to be easy to use, to handle more than one battery at the time, to manage different types of batteries (flooded, Gel, AGM, VRLA), and to yield results.

From a business point of view, our solution offers any person the opportunity to save money and to make money. If you are a business owner with a high expenditure in batteries you can gain instant savings by restoring the lost potentials of your weak batteries or by preventing sulfation buildup.  If you are someone that would like to venture into the battery market our technology solution for battery regeneration will empower you to develop a business grounded in real technology that works. To learn more about how you can own our solution please contact us.  

In summary, our product solves the problem of recovery of the three potentials of any lead acid battery that is depolarized (spent).  These potentials are: nominal voltage, amperage, and specific gravity.  Nominal voltage refers to the total voltage of a good battery. Amperage potential refers to the amount of energy accumulated in the battery as cranking amperage (automotive batteries) and store amperage (deep cycle batteries). Specific gravity refers to the quantity of sulfuric acid present in the electrolyte when the battery is fully charged.