About Us

Battery Services International LLC is proprietary owner and manufacturer of innovative technology that recovers lost power in all types of lead acid batteries. This technology is known as Genesis Battery Power Recovery Process and it works in batteries available in today’s market. In order to use the Genesis Process, a battery conditioner and special biodegradable compound is used. The battery conditioners, manufactured by our firm, are the XCharger and Genesis. The battery desulfating additive is called PowerPlus and is an eco-friendly compound.

We registered Battery Services international in 2005 with the purpose of sharing our battery improvement technology for all types of lead acid batteries, including those that are sealed (Gel, AGM, VRLA) and vented batteries. From 1998-2004 we operated under the name of Mr. Battery, a firm whose purpose was battery handling and recycling.  It was during our battery recycling operation that we decided to embark on power recovery for lead acid batteries considered scrap, spent or out of service.  Today we still recycle and recondition batteries of all brands, sizes, and configurations including flooded, Gel, AGM, and VRLA batteries under our new name, Battery Services International. 

Our technology truly works. This website’s purpose is to share information about our product and how to own it. Our solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery procurement by at least 40% and to significantly recover the lost power of any lead acid battery to its highest available potential. Click here for company brochure.

Our Mission

BSI MISSION : Battery Services International develops and manufactures solutions that reduce waste and pollution caused by secondary batteries. We are committed to a customer-focused approach and teamwork strategies that support fair and respectful engagements with all of our stakeholders.

VISION : We enable people and businesses worldwide to enhance and prolong the useful life span of all lead acid batteries.

  • OUR VALUES : We take great pride in embracing the following ethical tenets:
  •   • Honesty in all engagements
  •   • Excellence in all endeavors
  •   • Due diligence as fair process
  •   • Interdependence to guide performance
  •   • Passion for our mission